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About Us




Our Story

Alpine One is an international leadership consulting firm. Founded in 2016 by Manuela and Franz Herrlein. Our firm consists of more than 30 Consultants, Freelancers and seasoned Senior Advisors, who are situated in different international locations.

Our work has been internationally recognized with 6 Stevie Awards in 2021 and 2022.

Alpine One's founding principle was and is to rethink traditional HR consulting by creating a firm that combines business administration, neuroscience and psychology with the international multi year top management expertise of its founders. 

From the beginning on our aim was to create a diverse, inclusive working environment to enable all Alpiners to life and work in their own way. 

Our company's name is a tribute to the center of our lives. The Alps. The mountains help us calibrating and balancing ourselves. We are skiers, mountaineers and climbers by heart. The mountains shape us, are a part of us. For all their beauty, they require respect. On the way to the summit, you have to react quickly to changes. Take responsibility for yourself and others and be able to rely on your team. We transfer this experience to our work, to the way we act in a team.

We donate part of our annual surplus to social projects that we support. We believe in sharing with others.

Our Founders

Manuela and Franz Herrleins mantra is that the human factor is a company's biggest value driver. In a world where technology seems to become the one and only dominant factor their devotion is to support individuals and teams to become the best in their industries, striving for excellence.


Our Values

Alpine One's core are five fundamental values reflecting the way we work and act as a team.

DEDICATION - We are entrepreneurs by heart.

PURPOSE - Our dedication is the human factor. Our aim is to rethink HR.

FEASIBILITY - We are practitioners, whatever we do, it has to become real.

TOGETHER - We work in an environment of trust and care. 

AMBITION - Whatever we do, we strive for excellence.

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