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Our Senior Advisors

In more than 20 years as entrepreneurs and in the top management of European corporations, we have been able to establish a unique senior advisor network. Our Senior Advisors are fully involved in our projects. We offer our customers the opportunity to interact with our Senior Advisors and become part of the Alpine One network.

Meet Our Senior Advisors

Behrends SW.jpeg

Frank Behrends

Senior Advisor

With more than 35 years of experience in leading positions in international corporate banking, Frank Behrends is an expert in international banking and corporate finance. For 10 years, Frank was a member of the board of directors of the Franco-German financial group Oddo BHF AG, including CRO, COO and HR director, and was ultimately responsible for the corporates and markets division. In addition, he was president of the Hessian Bankers Association, Frankfurt and member of the supervisory board of Eintracht Frankfurt, one of the top European soccer clubs, for many years.

Today, Frank Behrends is a senior advisor to the board of directors of Oddo BHF AG and a member of several international supervisory boards. 

Bömcke SW.jpg

Dr. Alexis Bömcke

Senior Advisor

Dr. Alexis Bömcke was General Director of SCAFSE SPA in Algeria, a supplier of optoelectronic, electromagnetic and anti-counterfeiting radio communication equipment. Before that, he was COO at Rheinmetall Algérie Spa, Managing Director of Schmiedag GmbH and Wildauer Schmiedewerke GmbH in the Georgsmarienhütte Group and COO/Managing Director of Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH. Alexis Bömcke has an extraordinary amount of experience in the manufacturing industry and many years of experience abroad, especially in French-speaking countries.

Fahrenschon SW.jpg

Georg Fahrenschon

Senior Advisor

Georg Fahrenschon has more than 30 years of diverse experience in politics and business.

He was a member of the German Bundestag and the Bavarian State Parliament for many years. During this time he worked as State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of Finance and later also as Bavarian State Minister of Finance in prominent political and public functions. After his time as Bavarian Minister of State for Finance, Georg Fahrenschon was elected President of the German Savings Banks Association.

Today, Georg Fahrenschon is general manager and director of the WTS Group AG. 

Glaunach SW.png

Dr. Ulrich Glaunach

Senior Advisor

Dr. Ulrich Glaunach combines more than four decades of international industry experience. Among other things, he was Managing Director Austria, France and Central Europe of Moulinex in Vienna and Paris, Chairman of the Board of Lafarge Perlmooser in Vienna, Group Board Member of Lafarge Holcim in Paris and spokesman for the management of Wietersdorfer Industrie. Today, Ulrich Glaunach advises companies on an international level on strategic issues for a successful future. He is also a volunteer in the Order of Malta as a Permanent Participant of the Governement Council in Rome and Receptor of the Grand Priory of Austria. Print version | Sitemap

Kemmer SW.jpg

Dr. Michael Kemmer

Senior Advisor

Dr. Michael Kemmer is one of the most distinguished experts of German and European banking.  As a former CEO of BayernLB in Munich, CRO and Group Management Board member of HypoVereinsbank in Munich and UniCredit Group in Milan, Michael Kemmer has more than 30 years of exceptional leadership and committee experience. In addition, Michael Kemmer was the official representative of the private banking industry in Germany for many years in his capacity as general manager of the Association of German Banks. Michael Kemmer has an exceptional network in industry, banking and politics and is a member of various supervisory bodies and advisory boards.

Kholi SW.jpg

Naveen Kohli

Senior Advisor

Naveen Kohli has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Until his exit in 2018 as managing partner of Mobility Concept GmbH in Munich, one of the leading fleet leasing providers in Germany. Before that, he held various management positions, including as a member of the management board of Sixt Travel GmbH. In addition to his own entrepreneurial investments, Naveen Kohli today advises companies on sales strategies and strategy development.

Clemens SW.png

Clemens Mulokozi

Senior Advisor

Before Clemens Mulokozi founded his own NGO, Jambo Bukoba e.V., he worked successfully for many years in a managerial position at HypoVereinsbank, including as head of sports sponsorship. Clemens Mulokozi spent parts of his childhood in Tanzania and experienced the poor prospects there firsthand. With Jambo Bukoba e.V., Clemens Mulokozi, as a social entrepreneur and changemaker, has been using the power of sport ever since to campaign for better education, health and equality in Tanzania.

Pouskouri Bild.jpg

Anna Pouskouri-Reiche

Senior Advisor

Anna Pouskouri-Reiche has around 30 years of experience at HypoVereinsbank AG, e.g. as Managing Director and Country Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division for Southern Europe. She was a member of the Strategic and Executive Committees of the Banking Association of Greece, as the sole representative of a European bank. She also worked internationally as a management consultant. Anna Pouskouri-Reiche is a member of the Supervisory Board of Hellas Capital Leasing S.A. and was a member of the supervisory board of Nireus S.A.. She is CEO and Founder of Olive Joy, a fast-growing start-up in the field of sustainable food.


Christoph Schlichter

Senior Advisor

Christoph Schlichter has more than 35 years of experience in the oil, gas and energy industry in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South and Central America. Among other things, he was Senior Vice President North Africa and Managing Director during his time at Wintershall Dea AG various national companies in Great Britain, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Brazil and Mexico. He has also held managerial positions for Veba Oil & Gas GmbH and Shell, particularly in the Netherlands and Oman. As Senior Advisor, Christoph Schlichter stands for global leadership experience, especially in emerging markets.


Dr. Friedrich Wöbking

Senior Advisor

Dr. Friedrich Wöbking is an internationally recognized and experienced expert in the field of IT. Like hardly any other manager in Germany, Dr. Friedrich Wöbking got to know the entire spectrum of financial services in the course of his career. As the Chief Technology Officer of the Dresdner Bank Group, as well as the Board of Management of Allianz AG, where Friedrich Wöbking has held various prominent management positions in his top management career spanning more than 30 years.

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