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Key Success Factor HR Transformation

Manuela Herrlein

Whilst revenue enhancement and cost cutting leavers are already activated in most companies HR transformation is the single biggest remaining performance lever.

HR transformation refers to the process of fundamentally changing the way an organization's human resources (HR) function operates.

Why is that even relevant? Well, because often HR still means admin in sense of payroll, job postings etc.. But times are changing. Based on a recent Harvard survey more than 50 per cent of a companies market value are driven by human capital. Means HR is managing the in absolut and relative terms biggest value driver.

Therefore, ensuring a best-in-class oriented HR function or as we call it people and culture organization is key fo each and every company.

To develop such a direction may involve a wide range of changes, such as adopting new technologies, revising HR policies and procedures, reorganizing the HR team, or changing the way HR services are delivered.

HR transformation is often driven by the need to improve efficiency, effectiveness, or agility within the HR function, or to better align HR with the overall goals and strategy of the organization.

HR transformation can be a complex and challenging process, as it involves not just technical changes, but also cultural and organizational changes that can impact people throughout the organization.

At Alpine One we support our clients with tailor made tools to identify an organizations status quo and gap analysis related room for improvement.

Based on the outcome of such analysis we jointly develop the route to go towards significant improvements.

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