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In all industrialized countries the baby boomer generation is moving towards retirement whilst at the same time due to historically low birth rates over the last decades. This not only has an impact on social security systems, but also means that there are an increasing number of vacancies to be filled in many sectors.


At Alpine One we delivered a two fold approach to tackle the issue of aging workforces. As a first step the so called "Age Management Readiness Check" helps to identify how organizations are aware of the status quo and how ready they are to change the situation. In a second step the "Preference Check" allows companies to identify their employees needs in relation to their age to stay/become more productive, healthier and motivated and even work in average longer before finally deciding to retire. 


The Readiness Check and the Preference Check are easy to handle online tools. Both tools allow organizations to gain insight on how to transform elderly workforces into a competitive advantage. Based on the outcome of the two formats very focused and to the point recommendations on which initiatives might be appropriate for your organization.

We work with our clients to develop concrete concepts on how elderly employees can be retained in the company and used sensibly in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Demographic change is one of the biggest challenges in the western hemisphere. Elderly employees offer a huge potential for companies. Due to their experience and expertise.

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  • Development of a life-cycle dialogue solution for a leading European insurance company

  • Implementation of the Alpine One preference check at a large international telco provider

  • Development of a senior employee career model for a leading Europeam IT firm

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